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Wilko Johnson
Described as one of the fathers of punk guitar playing. Wilko was a co-founder of Canvey Island's legendary Dr Feelgoods who influenced the music of the 70s. After leaving the Feelgoods he went on to found The Solid Senders and played with Ian Drury and the Blockheads.  Bands website ...

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Sunday 13th July 2008 Wilko Johnson + Angelo Palladino & The Skeleton Crew - 9 advance
Wilko with his band The Solid Senders -> More info...
Sunday 16th September 2007 Wilko Johnson + Do$ch - 9 advance
Together with the Solid Senders -> More info...
Thursday 20th April 2006 Wilko Johnson + The Raindogs - 9 advance
The great guitarist with his Solid Senders band -> More info...
Wednesday 15th June 2005 Wilko Johnson + The Prowlers - 9 advance
The great Essex man with his band Solid Senders -> More info...

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