June 2016

Friday 3rd No Mercy For Percy (FREE)
Saturday 4th Cover 2 Cover (FREE)
Sunday 5th Night Cold Flame (6 advance)
Tuesday 7th Disco & Karaoke Night (FREE)
Friday 10th Supercell (FREE)
Saturday 11th Braveface (FREE)
Sunday 12th Night Janis Joplin Revisited (5 advance)
Tuesday 14th Disco & Karaoke Night (FREE)
Friday 17th Distorted Sky (FREE)
Saturday 18th The Port Brothers (FREE)
Tuesday 21st Disco & Karaoke Night (FREE)
Friday 24th Rewind (FREE)
Saturday 25th Vincent and the Invaders (FREE)
Tuesday 28th Disco & Karaoke Night (FREE)
Thursday 30th Disco & Karaoke Night (FREE)

Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday lunchtime gigs are all free
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For further information ring 0113 246 0778