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The [New] Roscoe Information

How to find us

The New Roscoe is situated on the north side of the roundabout linking Regent Street, Sheepscar Street South and Roseville Road, and less than 10 minutes walk from the West Yorkshire Playhouse at Quarry Hill. The entrance for cars is on Roseville Road, just past the roundabout and behind Thrifty Car Hire.

The venue has its own car park catering for up to 40 cars and is free to use for customers watching bands or generally just having a drink. Please do not drink and drive though!

location map

See the New Roscoe from the air and plan your route by using Google Local.

Many buses run down to the top of Sheepscar Street from Chapeltown Road & Roundhay Road from the North and North East of the City. Buses from the City centre usually run up North Street, apart from the 98/99 Wetherby bus which stops at the bottom end of Roseville Road.

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